Welcome to the Emergency Care Education Centre


The Emergency Care Education Centre brings together cutting edge immersive emergency care training delivered by an experienced top flight faculty of medical educators.

As a training provider we can develop packages that meet your needs, the needs of your organisation and the needs of your staff.

Our aim though is not just to train but:




We Train by offering you hands on experiential clinical education.  Scenario based to add realism using the best equipment available delivered by the best Clinical Care Instructors.  Training takes place in our Skills Lab specially developed to offer the best possible learning environment.

We Maintain by offering you access to our Virtual Learning Environment.  Using a bespoke  platform we can offer extended support to all of our students and allow them to go on a journey with students from other courses sharing information, populating Continuous Personal & Professional portfolios, accessing forums where the faculty can assist for up to 12 months post course.

We Develop by working with you to provide the next step – its not about when your certificate expires its how you use it in between and working on the core competencies.

Our Skills Lab is situated at The Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Especially chosen for its fabulous on-site hotel, onsite car parking, great motorway links and close proximity to Birmingham Airport.